28 February 2015

I am not Spock

Of course, everyone has something to say about the recent death of Leonard Nimoy. Like so many others, I was a wee lad of seven when “Star Trek” premiered and I fell in love with it. Many years later I wanted to figure out why I liked that show so much. Was it because William Shatner was so hot? Partly. Was it because it was about science and space and I liked both science and space? Partly. But, it turns out the main reason I liked that show was because Spock was different -- part Vulcan and part Earthling; yet was (mostly) accepted for his differences.

I was a “very different” kid when I was that age: I wore glasses, I was slightly overweight, I was sick with asthma, I was smart -- all things that were turned against me at every opportunity by every person on the planet, it seemed. But Spock was also different and, despite Doctor McCoy’s occasional jabs, he was accepted as a vital member of the crew.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that gave me a little bit of confidence and a lot of hope that I would one day be accepted, too.

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