27 February 2015

Pharmacists Say the Funniest Things

Ever since I had heart surgery, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with my pharmacist. Who knew surgery on the heart would lead to the need to take tons of drugs? Not me. So, last week, I was talking to him about the annoying cough I’ve had since surgery. Nothing made it go away: no drops, no syrup, nothing. I asked him if he could recommend something over the counter.

He reviewed the drugs I was taking (apparently some of the drugs I’m on interact badly with other drugs) and noticed one specific drug. He said that this drug was probably the cause of my cough and that nothing (short of a prescription) would help me. It was a drug I was taking temporarily (for the first month out of the hospital) and he said my cough would go away soon after I stopped this medicine.

And guess what? That prescription ran out last weekend and now my cough is finally starting to go away. I stopped by today to tell him he’d been right;
it was that drug causing my cough. He smiled, happy that I was feeling better.

“Yeh,” he said as I turned to leave. “That drug is pretty toxic.”

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