11 February 2015

Heart Surgery Update: Week Four

And now: four weeks post surgery. Things have been going generally well, but I found myself exhausted nearly all day Sunday and Monday and spent most of each day in bed. This is not good. I’m hoping it’s just part of the waxing and waning of my energy levels and nothing more serious than that. But the news is not all bad: I’ve started back to my little part time job, I’ll be able to resume driving tomorrow, and I’ve actually been able to start in on a big newspaper project I’m helping to write. All good.

One curious thing I’ve discovered is how exhausting it is to sit at a computer for two hours and work. There’s no explanation for it; but I’ve found that a couple hours sitting up and concentrating on typing and thinking is enough to wipe me out. Hmm. Otherwise, the cough is receding, I’m sleeping a little better (now, I’m up to about four hours a night) and my appetite is mostly back to normal. Yeah for small victories.

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