04 February 2015

Heart Surgery Update: Week Three

Here we are: three weeks post surgery. I met with my cardiologist Monday and my heart surgeon Tuesday and everyone says I’m making amazing progress! (I love how they keep saying “You’re doing well because you’re so young.” That’s nice.) Now, I have to get my “INR” level in balance. That’s something to do with the anticoagulant medicine I have to take the rest of my life (because of my new heart valve) to prevent strokes. It’s a bit low, so they upped my dose of the medicine I take now.

Energy continues to ebb and flow: some days I feel very energetic, and then others I’m exhausted. Odd, but it’s all part of my body finding its equilibrium to the drugs, the more-efficient heart, etc. My appetite is returning (yeah!) and that horrible metallic taste in my mouth is starting to fade. Nothing worse than eating when everything tastes like metal. Ick.

I’ve been cleared to drive starting Thursday of next week, and to return to work as my energy levels permit. I find I can do a couple hours of work before my energy level drops. That’s okeh; it’ll improve over time.

P.S. If you or someone you know needs to have heart surgery for any reason and they want someone to talk to, please tell them about me. I’d be happy to share the details of my experience. I had someone to talk to before my surgery and it really helped.

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