21 August 2012

Other Things That Don't Happen

According to at least one politician, a woman who is raped does not (or rarely does) get pregnant. Using that logic, here is a list of other things that don't happen:
  • Sexual activity in a public bathroom between a heterosexual married man and another man does not mean the first man is homosexual
  • Raising taxes on those who earn the least amount of money does not make them poorer
  • Photographing himself in his tightey-whitey underwear, sharing the photo with others via email and then lying about it does not make a politician a douche bag
  • Sending jobs to other countries from America does not mean Americans lose jobs
  • Smoking does not cause cancer
  • Making enormous profits by buying stock based on insider information does not make a politician a criminal
  • An annual increase of the average daytime temperature in America does not mean global warming exists
  • Hunting with an automatic weapon, like an AK47, does not provide an unfair advantage
  • Teaching a child the arts -- like music, painting, dance and theater -- does not have any value
  • Cutting funding for education does not mean teachers are underpaid
  • Lying about which country started which war does not create an ethical or moral problem
  • Denying a child medical coverage does not contribute to lifelong medical problems
  • Spraying secret chemicals on areas where soldiers are working does not cause them any medical problems
  • Voting against legislation to grant equal rights to gays and lesbians by secretly-gay politicians does not make them hypocrites

20 August 2012

The Seahorse Hotel - Galveston

I was flipping channels this a.m. and stopped on a 1963 episode of "Route 66" -- not necessarily because the show is interesting; rather it featured the ever-gorgeous Glenn Corbett, which was reason enough to stay tuned. Part of the story took place at the Seahorse Hotel, built in 1956 and torn down in 2005. The hotel's sign (see picture) is totally cool and I sure hope someone thought to preserve it. From what I can tell watching the episode and doing a little online research, the Seahorse Hotel was a large crescent shape, with the concave section facing the ocean. It looked like a cool place to stay. Too bad it's gone.

06 August 2012

What to Write About

I've been having a hard time today trying to pick just one thing to write about on my blog. What would be the best topic?

How about the fact that we awoke to a pigeon trapped in our fireplace and we rescued it and set it free and I wrenched my left knee in the process? Or perhaps that today is the 67th anniversary of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? Or maybe how we humans landed yet another rover on Mars? I dunno. They all seem pretty interesting.

01 August 2012

On Tour with "News on the Home Front"

The good folks at Charisma Media are hosting a nine-day blog book tour for my novel "News on the Home Front" featuring excerpts from the novel, reviews, an interview with me, and a guest post about the role of women in the workplace during World War Two. Oh, and giveaways -- lots of giveaways! Won't you stop by and join me on my first ever book tour? Just push the magic green button below, and scroll down for the schedule!