21 August 2012

Other Things That Don't Happen

According to at least one politician, a woman who is raped does not (or rarely does) get pregnant. Using that logic, here is a list of other things that don't happen:
  • Sexual activity in a public bathroom between a heterosexual married man and another man does not mean the first man is homosexual
  • Raising taxes on those who earn the least amount of money does not make them poorer
  • Photographing himself in his tightey-whitey underwear, sharing the photo with others via email and then lying about it does not make a politician a douche bag
  • Sending jobs to other countries from America does not mean Americans lose jobs
  • Smoking does not cause cancer
  • Making enormous profits by buying stock based on insider information does not make a politician a criminal
  • An annual increase of the average daytime temperature in America does not mean global warming exists
  • Hunting with an automatic weapon, like an AK47, does not provide an unfair advantage
  • Teaching a child the arts -- like music, painting, dance and theater -- does not have any value
  • Cutting funding for education does not mean teachers are underpaid
  • Lying about which country started which war does not create an ethical or moral problem
  • Denying a child medical coverage does not contribute to lifelong medical problems
  • Spraying secret chemicals on areas where soldiers are working does not cause them any medical problems
  • Voting against legislation to grant equal rights to gays and lesbians by secretly-gay politicians does not make them hypocrites

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