05 September 2015

Audio Book Anyone?

Great news! My book, “Sarah & Gerald” a novel of Paris in the 1920s, is now available as an audio book on Audible.com! Woot! Woot! It’s my first audio book and I’m pretty excited.

“Sarah & Gerald” takes place in the years after the great war, when life was golden and happy for those who had survived it. An entire generation of young men died so others could sit on a beach and splash in the water and have sandwiches on the sand. It was a perfect time for American expatriates -- like Sarah and Gerald -- to be in Paris: everything had worked out so well for them. They had money, they had friends, they had three golden children and they had each other. And everyone was so young. Gerald was a painter and his bold new painting would shock the French art world; but the consequences of his artistic success would soon bring tragedy to Sarah and their family. Despite doing everything right, things would soon start going very wrong.

Audible.com gave me some free coupons that I can share with anyone who wants to give it a listen. Just reply in the "comment" section below with your email address and I'll send you the information.

I'll be honest and say that part of this giveaway is to generate reviews and publicity for it. If you've not already given "Sarah & Gerald" a review on Amazon, this offer is for you. (And, if you have already given it a review on Amazon, thank you. I will still be happy to send you a coupon for a free audio copy if you want.) I am also hoping for some reviews on the Audible.com website (link below).

You can read more about the novel and listen to an excerpt here.