25 June 2011

Whodda Thunk It?

New York becomes the sixth state in America to legalize marriage equality (not counting the blip that was California).

My only regret is that Matt and I got married in California in 2008 -- when we could have done it three years later in New York. Oh, well.

You can read more about this astonishing victory here.

16 June 2011

One Newspaper Article you will NEVER Read


New York City, New York - Angry, drunken theater fans ran wild Sunday night after the loss by "Catch Me if You Can" to "The Book of Mormon" in this year's Tony Awards which honor excellence in theatre. "Catch Me" fans set cars and garbage cans ablaze, smashed windows, showered giant TV screens with beer bottles and danced atop overturned vehicles. Later, looters smashed windows and ran inside theater gift shops.

"We have a small number of hooligans on the streets of New York City causing problems," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "It's absolutely disgraceful and shameful and by no means represents the city of New York. ... We have had an extraordinary run during this Broadway season, great celebration. What's happened tonight is despicable."

At one shop, looters were seen grabbing "Catch Me" T-shirts and anything else they could get their hands on. Young women were seen escaping with "Catch Me" mugs, with one carrying out part of a mannequin. The theater was filling with smoke as people, their faces covered in bandannas, continued the violence.

"Catch Me" star Norbert Leo Butz said "It's terrible," shaking his head. "This city and theater district has a lot to be proud of, the cast we have and the guys we have in here. It's too bad."

"Sister Act" cast member Patina Miller, from a nearby theater, sent a Twitter message imploring the fans to stop the violence. "We're a great city and have a lot of class. Broadway is great and our honors will come. "

It appears there have been no fatalities, but ambulances seemed to be having trouble getting down the street outside the Beacon Theater and TV images showed at least one woman mopping blood from her forehead with a "Catch Me" Playbill.

12 June 2011

It's Important to Know

When thinking about the food you eat:

It's important to know how many calories it contains.

It's more important to know how much salt it contains.

But, it is most important to know how much sugar it contains.

11 June 2011


I think the French are pretty nice people, generally speaking. I like their fries, I like Marion Cotillard, and Gerald and Sara Murphy seemed to think they were swell. But I am concerned, like the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, that our friends the French are not doing enough to help the last species of hamster still living in the wild.

The big problem, it seems, is that French farmers have stopped cultivating crops that hamsters like to eat, and switched to corn -- which hamsters apparently don't like. (And really, who can blame them?)

You can read more about the plight of the Great Hamster of Alsace (pictured)
here. (You will enjoy the reader comments after the article. VERY clever indeed.)

07 June 2011

Found Films?

Hey! I guess I am slow on the uptake, but I just today found out about a really cool project to help find and identify lost films! We are big fans of vintage film here at Chez JAC, and are always happy to find out about the discovery of films thought to have been lost. So, please go check out these two links and see if you can help!

Read about the project here; visit the site organizing the project here.