25 February 2015

Heart Surgery Update: Week Six

Six weeks later, I’m 75% of my way through the standard recovery time of six-to-eight weeks. I’m feeling much more energetic. I would say I’m about 80% of my pre-surgery self, even though I can work only about two hours before fatigue starts to set in.

In about two weeks I’ll be able to start doing the usual things that have been verboten since my surgery: lifting things, pushing or pulling anything with a weight (such as the door to a building), etc. I’m looking forward to opening my own door again, just as much as I looked forward to (and enjoy) driving again.

I’ll need to wait an additional four weeks before I can begin working out with weights (to help rejuvenate the weakened chest and back muscles) and resume swimming -- my favorite activity in the world.

Good news: I actually walked 1.25 miles to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants on Tuesday. It’s something we usually do weekly during the winter, but that I haven’t done since surgery. Nice to know I can do it again!

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