02 March 2015

How do I Hate Thee? Let me Count the Ways

Although my recovery from heart surgery is going very well, one thing is not: the speed at which I get exhausted every day. No, really. I’m up a couple hours then I need to take a nap. I’m up a couple more hours, then it’s nap time again. I sleep like a rock at night (about six hours) and wake up exhausted.

Apparently this kind of fatigue is common (which makes it even more annoying): “Fatigue is probably the number one patient complaint following heart surgery. Fatigue results from an extended lack of sleep while in the hospital, energy used by your body to heal its wounds, and energy used to fight off pain.” So, what do the experts recommend? “Take plenty of naps, walk regularly, eat well...” That’s all fine and good but I don’t have time to take naps!

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