29 December 2005

Would You Like Chips With That?

Lena asked me to help settle a bet: In "Godfather 1", an actor ... talks about getting a big old dead fish wrapped in paper as a "Sicilian message: Lou Cabrottzi sleeps with the fishes." At least that is what MY ears tell me. My best friend ... swears she hears "...Luka Brattzi sleeps..." So: is it Luka ... Lou ... Cabrottzi, Brattzi? This is worth a rather substantial T.G.I.F. Holiday Gift Certificate.

Thank you for the question, Lena. Don Corleone's bodyguard in "The Godfather" (1972) meets a rather unpleasant death at a restaurant (not TGIF, I believe) and is sent to sleep amongst the fishies.

Played by the actor Lenny Montana, the character's name is Luca Brasi.

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