19 December 2005

Just Ask Christopher #1

Do you have a question for me? Go to the "Comment" section at the bottom of this post and leave your question. Questions can be of any kind: factual, advice, opinions, etc. EACH question asked will be addressed -- even if I cannot answer it. I would love to know where you are writing from (city -- and country if not America).


Matt Hinrichs said...

Hi -- I was just wondering something. While fixing hot cocoa the other day, I took the pan off the heater and a disgusting "skin" formed on top of the cooling cocoa. I scooped the stuff up with a spoon and washed it down the sink while trying hard not to gag. I've seen this "skin" form on soup, too, and it's really gross. Anyhow, why can't penguins fly?

Mass Bradley said...

This has been bugging me for a week. I've no one to turn to!

In"Hello Dolly", when everyone sings, "It's so nice to have you back where you belong..."
I'm serious. I have no recollection of Dolly being banished or kidnapped or leaving town of her own free will, even.

You could blame my sleep apnea, but I think it is a BIG plot point problem.


joyolivia said...

Yea, a Christopher blog! I have a manners question. What exacty is in wassail?

joyolivia said...

By "manners question" I meant I need to know because I always say I don't like it when someone offers it but if I knew the ingredients, they might believe me more if I could say I dislike X or Y. Thanks Christopher!