20 December 2005

Here We Go A Wassailing

Joyolivia asked: What exactly is in wassail? ... I meant I need to know because I always say I don't like it when someone offers it but if I knew the ingredients, they might believe me more if I could say I dislike X or Y.

Thank you for the question, Joyolivia. Here are a few thoughts. Firstly, whenever you are a guest somewhere and you are offered Wassail (or anything), a simple "No, thank you" is always an appropriate reply. A good host will always accept that as an answer without regard as to your reasons for declining.

More to the point, however, Wassail is basically a punch made from various fruit juices (orange, lemon, etc.) with some flavoring (cloves, cinnamon, etc.). I had thought it might also contain wine, but I found no corroborating sources in my research. It sounds like it might be delicious.

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