27 December 2005

Just Ask Christopher #2

Do you have a question for me? Go to the "Comment" section at the bottom of this entry and leave your question. Questions can be of any kind: factual, advice, opinions, etc. EACH question asked will be addressed -- even if I cannot answer it. I would love to know where you are writing from (city -- and country if not America).


Lena said...

Please settle a bet:
In "Godfather 1", an actor whose name escapes me talks about getting a big old dead fish wrapped in paper as a "Sicilian message: Lou Cabrottzi sleeps with the fishes."
At least that is what MY ears tell me.
My best friend, who is not Italian by the way, swears she hears "...Luka Brattzi sleeps..."
So: is it Luka, Luca, Lou, Loo, and Cabrottzi, Brattzi, etc etc etc..???????
This is worth a rather substantial T.G.I.F. Holiday Gift Certificate.
So please look into this.

Matt Hinrichs said...

I'd like to know about the British slang word for gay men -- "poofs" or "poofters". Where did it originate? Do the Brits consider it an insult, or is it the kind of word that the gay community has turned around and appropriated for itself (like "queer" in the U.S.)?