20 December 2005

When "Fun" is No Fun

Daphne asked: Why do they call those teensy-weensy candy-bars you get at Halloween "Fun Size"? That isn't a fun size. It's a downsize. A 2-pound bar--THAT would be "fun-size"! Why do they do that?

Thank you for the question Daphne: Unfortunately, this is the power of advertising at work. How else to take a smaller version of something, repackage it, and sell it unless you call it something else -- like "Fun!" or "New!" Kids like to have fun, so I suppose the manufacturers think kids would see this and ask for it. The parents would have to buy it because what parent would dare deny their child some fun?

And I totally agree with you: a two-pound version of a favorite candy bar would, indeed, be a fun size!

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