18 December 2005

Myobu or Yourobu?

Myobu is the first recorded name of a cat in Japan about 1,000 years ago. This cat belonged to Emperor Ichijo. I have a cat. His name is Eames. He is a red-spotted tabby. We (my significant other and I) love cats. We love all animals. Andy Warhol did now-famous paintings of cats. What is it about cats that makes them so popular?


Dizzy said...

Relatively tidy (covering up your own poop--Genius!)

Soft and Fluffy (like a baby, but no tuition fees).

Economical (If you make too much tunafish, like in a casserole, they will happily eat all the leftovers.)

Christopher said...

Dizzy: All excellent points. I would add only one: Although they are very standoffish, and independent, when cats decide to give you their love, they don't hold back. While it is true all animals show love in their own ways, a cat really seems to give it all -- when s/he decides too, of course. Thanks for your observations!