03 May 2006

All Bird Kissing Must End Now!

The New York Times has a very interesting write-up about how the government plans to react when the avian (H5N1) flu begins showing up in people in America.

Are you thinking about this at all? Are you having conversations about it with people in your circle? I am. I used to be worried about it; I mean, I have done a lot of research on the 1918 influenza epidemic that killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide -- and this, before the advent of major air travel.

Now, I am not so worried, although I don't know why. The government's plan isn't what made me feel less worried. (This is, afterall, the same government that reacted to hurricanes Katrina and Rita.)

The article is here.

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James (Silver Spring, MD) said...

Who will win the Kentucky Derby this year?