15 May 2006

Silents Are Golden

Interesting article in England's The Independent newspaper about the growing appreciation of the world of silent films.

Although I do not agree with the few films the author suggests, there are plenty from which to choose. We love silent films -- if for no other reason making fun of their silliness (all that posing passing as acting). But, there are quite a few that just take your breath away with their craftsmanship, their forward thinking, the clarity of storytelling.

One silent film, long thought lost, that I am eagerly awaiting is the Gloria Swanson / Rudolph Valentino "Beyond the Rocks." Will it be good? I hope so. Seventy-plus years can change the context in which a film is viewed. However, it is a piece of history. That alone is worth the price of watching.

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Matt Hinrichs said...

I don't have high hopes for Beyond The Rocks, but like you said you never know. Both of us really enjoyed Picadilly with Anna May Wong, you more than I. Silents rule!