04 May 2006

No Horsing Around

James from Silver Spring, Maryland, asked: Who will win the Kentucky Derby this year?

Thank you for the question, James.
While one should not confuse prognostication with fact, I think I can safely go out on a limb and predict the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby will be the horse that has the fastest time. Barring that, I pick Seabiscuit.


James (Silver Spring, MD) said...

Thank you, Christopher, good pick. I hope it's one of the better Maryland horses, Sweetnorthernsaint or Barbaro.

Christopher said...

James: You know, it's funny: I love horses (and all animals); but never got into horse racing. I did go through a polo phase for a couple years; but I guess I am just more interested in them in their natural state. That said, aren't they gorgeous when they run a race? Wow!