05 May 2006

A Cat Named Eames

I have been told that it is considered poor form to write about one's cat on one's blog. Okay -- but I'm going to do it anyway.

Eames (pictured) is our wonderful red-spotted tabby who recently turned 15. A little over nine years ago I chanced to overhear a co-worker upset that she was going to have to give up her cat. I had recently bought my condo, and wanted a cat. So...

Eames (named after famous designers Charles and Ray) has been a fabulous cat. There has never been a person he did not like. He loved everyone, purred and loved some more.

He is so wonderful, in fact, my s.o. and I wrote a book about what happens to cats when they die -- starring Eames. It's called Mama Cat.

Many of you know Eames was diagnosed as diabetic February 2005. We knew his time was not long, but we learned how to give him insulin shots, regulate his eating, make sure he drank enough water.

A couple weeks ago he started getting weaker. A visit to the vet yesterday confirmed it: his kidneys are pretty much not working any more and we had to decide whether to prolong the inevitable, or allow him to die.

This coming Monday the vet will come to our house to euthanize him. We decided that would be more pleasant than at the vet's. We will then have him cremated, and will spread his ashes in the backyard of our house when we move to California.

I hope every person will, one day, have a pet as wonderful as our Eames has been.

Please send your good thoughts his way.


kris said...

I will be thinking of you, and Matt, and Eames. He was a lovely cat.

J.D. said...

My sympathies to you and Matt. We lost our cat, Tintin, to diabetes five years ago. He was the Best Cat Ever. (Well, maybe besides Eames.) I remember the night we came home and realized he had given up. It broke my heart. I spent a couple of hours laying on the kitchen floor with him. He was too weak to move, but I hope he felt how much I loved him. I miss him still.

bradinboston said...

This is true:
I was sad to hear of your Good Kitty Eames distress; I told my cats.
They told all the cats in the neighborhood, and last night we all sat in a circle on the back lawn, me and 12 tabbies, and I played the end of "Evita" really loud and we all cried and made yowls like wild coyotes in honor of your beloved Eames.
We felt better after that.
True story.

J.D. said...

Ah, but around my place, the song for old and dying cats is "Memory" from Cats. Corny, but true. Those lyrics capture just how I imagine it must be for an aging feline.