27 April 2006


Well, it looks like JAC is being replaced by the neatest and most wonderful show to ever find its way to our TiVo. Yes, of course I mean How It's Made -- the new (to America) but old Canadian show about how things are made.

The S.O. and I have been wiling away the half-hours with episode after episode of this wonderfully produced look at how things are made. Want to know how a combination lock is produced? or a fire truck? artificial eyes? adhesive tape? Stop me! Stop me!

Yes, it's How It's Made.

If you cannot find it, just do a title search on TiVo. :-)

Here are some links:

The show website.

Discovery Channel upcoming episodes.

A little bit about the show.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship at all with How It's Made.

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Matt Hinrichs said...

I keep thinking that this show was originally produced in French-speaking Quebec, since the show personnel have French surnames. They just re-did the narration in English. As I recall, they don't show any people speaking on camera - right? Anyway, I agree with you that it's a gem.