03 April 2006

Just Ask Christopher

Do you have a question you need answered? Maybe I can answer it.

Click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of this entry and leave your question. Questions can be of any kind: factual, advice, opinions, etc. EACH question asked will be addressed -- even if I cannot answer it. I would love to know where you are writing from (city -- and country if not America).


Roy said...

Why do you not have a picture in your profile? How old are you? Why do you ask?

joy said...

Summer's almost here and I've heard a certain bathing suit song several times lately, including once in a new tv ad. The famous lyric, "She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini" created an image in my mind of a bathing suit adorned with tiny yellow circles, but in the tv ad the girl's suit had pink circles on a yellow background. Understandably, I could see how the lyric could be interpreted that way, but do you know how it was meant to be interpreted? Is there a vintage copy of the lyrics out there that has an appropriately placed comma to help me properly imagine the bathing suit in my mind? Thanks!