03 April 2006

Why Ask Why?

Roy asked: Why do you not have a picture in your profile? How old are you? Why do you ask?

Thank you for the questions, Roy. Let me answer them in order asked:

1: I do not have a picture of myself because I am hideously ugly -- just imagine the Elephant Man in shorts and a t-shirt. I hate photographs of myself, and prefer to maintain a mental image that I look like Matt Damon -- hence, my hatred of mirrors and reflective surfaces. I kinda look like the handsome young man in the collage illustration of me done about ten years ago by my then-and-still significant other (who loves me anyway).

2: I am 46 years old. In July, I will be 47. In 100 years I will be 147.

3: I assume you mean why do I ask people to ask me questions. If so, the answer is really simple. I am a journalist by profession. I love finding out new things about things I would never have thought to investigate. I started JAC because I hoped people reading my web log would take me up on the offer.

So far, I have learned about all kinds of interesting things researching questions asked of me. For example, that some fish are warm blooded, that people can sell the rights to the air space above their buildings in New York, that it is really hard to make clove apples, and that a lot of my readers don't know a Cactus Wren when they see one.

It has been a very interesting journey for me, and one I hope will continue for some time.

The illustration is by Matt Hinrichs. :-*


Roy said...


Did you know that shrimp are born male and become female later in life. At least that is what Souper!Salads menu card says.


Matt Hinrichs said...

That's a strange thing to read while eating salad!

For the record, I find Christopher really cute in the looks department.

Roy said...

Not to mention that it their Seafoodfest Days with all kinds of seafood. I guess they passed on the Tossed Tranvestite Shrimp Salad.

Is it not odd that really nice looking people often think of themselves a not so nice looking.

Looks after all are not everything - in fact not very important at all if you want a real relationship, but good looks don't hurt when the personality matches their looks.

I like your art and you are luck to know Christopher, and I imagine he is lucky to know you as well.


Christopher said...

Roy: Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to email me off blog at cgm95@yahoo.com