20 February 2012

Getty Center

Another highlight of our recent Los Angeles trip was a day at the Getty Center on top of a huge mountain near the coast. While there, a huge winter storm came barreling into Los Angeles. It brought some rain, LOTS of wind -- and even a little snow! It was the wildest thing! I don't think I have ever been in LA during a storm. This was special!

There is a lot to see at the Getty Center -- although not very much 20th-century art (which is my favorite). They did have a small exhibition of Alexei Jawlensky paintings (see photograph) which were the highlight of my day.

Other exhibitions we enjoyed included "In Focus: Los Angeles, 1945–1980" featuring photographs of the city; "Lyonel Feininger Photographs 1928 - 1939" featuring the work of this important American photographer who grew up in Germany; and "From Start to Finish: De Wain Valentine's Gray Column" which included a fascinating sample of how this artist poured and then polished his polyester resin sculptures.

You can find out more about the Getty Center here.

You can find out more about the art of Alexei Jawlensky here.

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