18 February 2012

2 Broke Girls

First "Rules of Engagement" (MGM) then "The Big Bang Theory" (Warner Brothers) and now we can add "2 Broke Girls" (Warner Brothers) to the list of television programs for which we have attended a taping. Yes, that's right: we love the new series "2BG" so much we made yet another pilgrimage to Burbank to attend a taping -- this one, on Valentine's night.

Matt and I are hooked on "2BG." It provides solace to us now that "The Big Bang Theory" is less about funny and more about Sheldon's quirkiness. Sigh! Still, we have "2BG."

We had a ball at the taping of "2BG" -- mostly because we were the lucky recipients of one of the show's cupcakes (see photograph)! If you have not seen this show, one of the characters bakes these really terrific cupcakes to sell at the diner where she works -- shades of "Mildred Pierce." At our taping, they handed out about 12 cupcakes amongst an audience of about 250 people.

The episode we saw taped is very funny (has to do with the two girls participating in a drug testing experiment) and we relished the chance to see a new show coalesce into a very funny series. (We were told the "2BG" pilot tested higher than any other show -- comedy or drama -- in the history of pilot testing.)

After, we were only able to get an autograph from Beth Behrs -- because none of the rest of the cast came out to greet the audience except Matthew Moy, who plays Han, the diner owner. (We did not get Moy's because he was on the other side of the studio and came and went very quickly. We were in line to get Behr's and were lucky to get it because she only did four before being hustled out.) When we were leaving the sound stage on the Warner lot we spotted show-creator Michael Patrick King approaching his car so we called out to him for an autograph. He was actually kind enough to stand and chat for a few minutes about the show, which was very interesting for us. (Michael: we still have your pen that you used for the autograph. Let us know if you want it back and we'll gladly return it.)

Overall, it was a great night. We took the cupcake back to our hotel where Matt ate most of it the next morning. (I'm not supposed to eat sugar, so I just had a small taste.)

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Kris said...

Oh cool! The pilot just finally aired here in Australia. I watched it. I didn't like it as much as I liked "New Girl," but I can see where it has potential. I knew it had done well in the US so I figured it would improve as it went along. I'll definitely give it a few more tries!