30 November 2008

In the News

I sure wish I owned stock in The New York Times because then I would get some credit for referring you to three interesting and completely unrelated items that have recently appeared in their pages -- both paper and virtual.

First up, a black man offers insight into why so many blacks voted for California's proposition 8 (writing discrimination into the state's constitution). I admit I don't know a whole lot about the finer points of black culture, and this op-ed piece was fascinating. You may read it here.

Next, an intriguing article about a newspaper in Pasadena written entirely by people living and working in India. I thought my career field was on life support. Apparently, it is already dead and no one has told it. You may read the column here.

Lastly, an article about how artists are no longer accepting of "starving" as the only descriptive word to appear before their names. Now such descriptors include "web-store owner" and "entrepreneur." You may read the article here.

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