22 November 2008

Number 168

Despite all the turmoil in this country (and, apparently, ONLY in THIS country) over the idea of same-sex marriage, Matt and I are today celebrating 14 years together -- marriage or not. Odd, how it seems like only 13 years ago that I sat next to the pretty youth at the theater (the legitimate theater, not the cinema, thank you) who would end up being part of my life for the following 14 years (and, I hope, the next 50 years).

We went out to a nice dinner Thursday (prime rib and ginormous pork chops), exchanged presents Friday (a couple Wii games for him; for me, the really cute plastic animals you see pictured), and are today just spending time together. We're low-key kind of people and are celebrating in a low-key kind of way.

Happy 168th monthiversay, HBSP!

Oh, and did you see the comic strip my sweetie (the fabulous artist) did for our anniversary? If not, you can see it
here. (It is so handy having an artist in the house.)

[The Animal House line of kitchen tools are made by Boston Warehouse and can be purchased through Amazon.com. They are (from top) the Punk-U-Pine Scrubber, the Mouse Cheese Grater and the Woodpecker Scissors.]

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Lisa said...

Happy anniversary, gentlemen! And best wishes for many more.