29 November 2008

Hawkin' Nature

We live in a historic district near downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Even though Phoenix extends for miles in every direction from us, we often see the most interesting animals. Several years ago, we saw a giant eagle near an abandoned school, and today we saw a hawk (pictured). I don't know what kind of hawk it is, but it is huge and gorgeous!

This time of year we get a shitload of starlings in our neighborhood (migrating, I think) so the hawks (yes, there were three of them) must be hanging around for that.

We were able to make a little film showing the main hawk and two other hawks. In the background you can see a flock of starlings far away, and then later a flock of pigeons nearby.
These hawks seem to visit our neighborhood every year, and we hear tales of cats disappearing around the same time....

You may view our little film here (that's me talking, and you can hear Matt in the background):

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