03 December 2008

Van Gogh and Me

Two years ago this month, I bought my first-ever brand new, never-before-touched-by-human-hands (except the people who made it or sold it) car. I saved up money to pay cash. I researched and decided I wanted a 2007 Aveo (as no mini-sports utility vehicle got good gas mileage. I'm sorry, buy 17 miles to the gallon is not good gas mileage). I wanted an Aveo and it had to be yellow (like the one pictured).

Why yellow? Who knows. I love yellow. Van Gogh was obsessed with it (to be fair, it is thought he was poisoned by some medicine that affected his vision, making him favor yellow). Me, I'm not poisoned (that I know of). I am, however, red-green color blind. I can see all the colors, including red and green. I cannot, however, see mixed colors that have a little red or a little green in them. For example light purple (blue with a little red) looks blue to me. I see yellow with no problem, so maybe that's it.

So now, two years later, it appears -- according to this article -- I am a trend setter with my yellow car. Sheece! It's nice to be first, but now EVERYONE will have a yellow car.

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