08 December 2008

The OTHER Art of David Klein

You know the work of David Klein even if you don't know you know it. He was the man who did those wild TWA travel posters in the 1960s.

Last month, a gallery in New York had an auction of his works -- not just individual pieces or pieces from some collector. No, it was the entire contents of his personal home studio including original works that have probably not seen the light of day since he created them decades ago.

I perused the catalogue marveling at his work. The travel posters are great, but I nearly fell over when I saw some of the other work being auctioned -- including the original sketches (pictured) and collages for an advertising campaign he did for First National City Bank of New York (now known as Citi Bank).
Being the lover that I am of great design and animals, I put an absentee bid on two of these animal lots and won!

So, in order to share a little sample of the work he did for the bank, I created a new web site, the link to which will be found to the right of this entry under "Links."

Please take a look at another example of the great work done by this wonderful illustrator.


Lesley said...

I have an original snail advertisement and was wondering if you could give me an idea of the value of it? It has been in my family since the late 60's.

Thanks so much,

Christopher said...

Lesley! Thank you for your question. I am afraid I cannot offer any suggestions as to value of your item. If you are interested in selling it, I would suggest offering it on one of the online auction sites and letting the market establish the value. If you are not interested in selling it, you can seek out a qualified art appraiser. Lastly, I would very much appreciate seeing a photograph or scan of your item. If you are able to provide such an image, please email it to cgm95 (at) yahoo.com (replacing the word "at" with the "@" symbol). Thank you!

Lesley said...


Thanks you so much for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for your advice. I don't have a scanner, but I can take a couple digital photo and email it to you.

I really had not thought of selling it, but was wondering the value of it. Perhaps I will seek a art appraiser.

Thanks again.