11 September 2007

Waste Not

I have not seen any studies, but Americans have got to lead the pack in wastefulness: so many buy clothes, wear them a couple times, then give them away; they buy a big dinner, and only eat half of it, the other half to be thrown away; we have one of the lowest levels of recycling of any country in the world.

We Americans are just not frugal -- and, with the Great-Depression generation dying off, I am afraid we are getting even more wasteful.

I think I live a pretty frugal life. We try not to waste things, we don't waste food, we recycle as much as possible, we buy a lot of things for the house at thrift stores (at great prices, I might add).

Given all that, this is intriguing on so many levels. I don't think I could make the commitment these people made, but it is intriguing.

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