23 September 2007

Murder Comes To Life

Back in October 2006 I wrote about the dinner I had with Winnie Ruth Judd, who had been accused, tried, convicted and punished for a pair of murders in Phoenix in 1931. That original entry will be found here.

Saturday, Matt and I got our camera and took photographs of many of the places that played an important role in the Judd story. Oddly, they are all within three miles of our house!

With those photographs, and a few others, I have created a little website called Winnie Ruth Judd's Phoenix that might be of interest.

It is so strange to be able to travel the same roads, walk the same sidewalks and streets that had been walked by Judd and the two women who died that night. For the first time I understand the appeal of those murder or crime tours popular in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. It makes the story come alive when you can actually walk up to the place where it happened (pictured, 1931).


Anonymous said...

You have the victims names reversed under their picture. Sammy (Hedvig) is on the left, Anne is on the right.

Christopher said...

Thank you, Anonymous! It's kind of hard to tell, as they look so much alike! I have made the correction.

Anonymous said...

Sammy was the heavier one. She was bigger, that's why Ruth chose to cut her up. She wouldn't fit in the trunk any other way.

Matt (scrubbles.net) said...

Great job on the page and I had a lot of fun accompanying you on your hunt! It's so neat that you actually got to meet her in her old age.