12 September 2007

Together Again

You know, I'm a sucker for young love. I'm even more of a sucker for cute guys. So, when a cute guy is involved in young love, well, I go all woggly -- even if the cute guy is long dead, and the young love ended 50 years ago.

I write, of course, about actor and total hottie (in his day) Lon McAllister (pictured, left). I just found out today that he was boyfriends with fellow-actor William Eythe (right).

Information is scarce, but what I can gather is this:

McCallister and Eythe got together around the end of the war (1946-ish). McCallister was 23, Eythe 28.

A magazine photograph of the pair together enraged Darryl Zanuck, president of 20th Century Fox (Eythe's and McCallister's boss), who sent Eythe to England to break up the pair. It didn't work, of course. When McAllister joined Eythe in England, more photographs started popping up, spelling doom for Eythe. (But not McCallister.)

Attempting to save his career, Eythe did what other in-the-spotlight fags did in those days: he married a woman, in a relationship that lasted barely a year. McCallister and Eythe apparently broke up during that time; but got back together. All told, they had been together more than 10 years when Eythe died in 1957 -- aged 38.

I know it isn't much, but I kinda wanted to get them back together again -- if only in this little blog -- one last time.

More about McCallister here.

More about Eythe here.


"r.j." said...

Christopher, Just found this. Thanks for bringing the boys "together" again. They may be back together more -- and sooner -- than you realize! I have been doing a project for the last several years, a play, based on the boys, their careers, their lives, their special relationship together, and the "specialness" of both these guys in general -- their very overlooked, and under-appreciated talent, among other things. And their genuine caring and devotion to each other. It's all taking shape in a little play called "Soul Mates", which we hope to have "up" and running in the L.A. area very soon. The survivors, and families of both gentlemen have been extremely supportive and helpful in giving their time and sharing their memories. Like yourself, I am fascinated by both these guys. Bill Eythe, particularly was a sensational light-comedian whose career really should have gone much farther. My aunt was very-close to McCallister in high school, and indeed just prior to Lon's passing in 2005, I received a charming letter from Lon in which he spoke of her fondly, which I treasure. Thanks for posting this. I would appreciate hearing from you. My e-mail address is rchrdjerome@yahoo.com. Thanks again. Richard Jerome

Anonymous said...

I adore Lon McAllister and I am so happy that he and Bill Eythe had some happy years together...and I am even happier knowing that you and someone else has joined them once again...Enrique/Miami

ryan mathews said...

Ugh, I'm so frustrated to not be able to find more on them on the web. Every article mentions those notorious photos of them together in movie magazines and more photos of them together in England - but why can't I find any of these??
Seeing their two face-portraits together is almost too much emotionally! They were so beautiful. I can so easily imagine them staring into each other's eyes, holding onto each other for dear life, and of course kissing!
Makes me want to cry to think of the joy they had and how short lived it was. Those few souls lucky enough to find that one other person to love in this life must hold on tight while the ride lasts!