25 July 2007

Death Walks in Silence -- Like a Cat

Okay. This is really weird.

Back in March, when I was sick with influenza, I wrote
this entry about how my lovely cat, Eero, stayed by me nearly the entire four days.

Now there is an article about a cat, Oscar (pictured), who is able to sense the pending deaths of nursing home patients, as recounted

Do cats have some special power to determine who is sick or dying?

I dunno.

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Kristine said...

Our cat has definitely been the most nice to me when I'm sick. Rodd read that story today about the nursing home cat and commented that he reckons it's just because the cat's waiting to eat the person once they kick the bucket. That may we be true in our household's case.

I saw a show once about researchers investigating whether dogs can "smell" cancer. Apparently it's true. Maybe they do have abilities we can't fathom.