20 July 2007

No, NOT the One from "Lost in Space"

I have a great deal of respect for an actor with genuine talent, for someone who goes to work, does her job, and eschews the perks that come with "celebrity."

Usually, those people are living in England or Europe where acting is about art, not about how quickly it will make you famous (as in this great country of America).

Sadly, there are only a few American actors to whom I can ascribe those qualities: Patricia Clarkson, Dennis Haysbert, Julianne Moore among them.

However, the one actor for whose work I have the highest possible respect is Veronica Cartwright (pictured) who has been acting since shortly after birth (it would seem), who has appeared with the great and near-great, who has been nominated for an unfairly small amount of awards; and yet, an actor who gives a unique turn to every role she plays, disappearing so completely as to make me say "Wow! She's good. Who is that? Oh, wait: it's Veronica Cartwright -- again!"

Whether it is as a scared member of the crew Nostromo ("Alien"), an alien abductee who comes back to Earth ("The X-Files") or, in perhaps her best turn as Jack's clueless mom ("Will and Grace"), Cartwright never fails to deliver a believable, honest and exact performance.

You may find out more about this wonderful actor here.

You may find out more about her work here.

P.S. She is the older sister of Angela Cartwright -- the one from "Lost in Space."

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