27 March 2007

The Healing Powers of Cats

I'm sick. Thanks to my significant other (Influenza Matt) I caught the flu bug he had over the weekend. So, for the first time in more than a decade, I have the flu (or a reasonable facsimile). And, for the first time in nearly 1.5 years, I had to call in sick to work.

So, after a rather unpleasant evening of vomiting (always fun) Monday, and a completely sleepless night, I spent the entire day in bed today -- and right there by my side for most of the day was our little kitty Eero (illustrated).

Eero is not the first cat I have had who has done this. Our lovely cat Eames stayed on my bed two entire days when I had a urinary tract infection (also pleasant).

Why do cats do this?

It is that they have some special empathetic bond with humans, where Eero knows I am sick and wants to provide me sympathy and comfort?

Is it that, because of my fever, my body is much warmer; and, therefore, more inviting?

Or is it something more sinister? Knowing I am ill, and death may be approaching, she wants to stick by me to get those choice meaty bits once
my heart stops beating -- something like a repeat of the Marie Prevost story?

[Illustration of our lovely cat Eero, by Influenza Matt.]

1 comment:

Rob said...

You know, it's not often, as I randomly survey the blogosphere that I actually laugh at something. But yeah, I think it's just possible that your cat is waiting for you to die so he can have the 'choice meaty bits'.

Anyway, here's hoping that you manage to keep your choice meaty bits intact for a while longer anyway.