07 December 2006

Water, Water, Everywhere

Two news stories tell the wonderful tales of water being returned to where it had once run freely:

Here the Los Angeles Times tells about water being returned to the once-lush Owens Valley (pictured) after nearly a century of being diverted to quench the thirst of a growing Los Angeles.

Here is the BBC news recounting of the progress made in returning water to the cradle of civilization: the Iraq marshes, which were nearly allowed to dry up after Saddam Hussein blocked the water to retaliate against the inhabitants.

It is always so nice to be able to write about good things being done for the environment. We only have one planet -- for now.

Lastly, here is news about new evidence pointing to the existence of water on the planet Mars right now -- not ancient water, but water that is possibly just under the surface, flowing, as you read this. The implications of this are hard to exaggerate.

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