21 December 2006

Holiday Bits of Tid

I certainly wish I could make up something this wacky: a komodo dragon (pictured), who has lived her entire life in captivity without any male komodos, has produced a clutch of fertile eggs. No, really. You can read more about it here. Just like "Jurassic Park," no?

Also, Happy Winter Solstice! Or, to our friends south of the equator, Happy Summer Solstice. Ain't nature fun? More about the solstice is

Lastly, we are still in the midst of Hanukkah. Monday night, we made potato latkes with applesauce. They did not come out great, but were still yummy!

What's next? Oh, yeh, xmas and Kwanza! Yippee!

1 comment:

Bradley said...

Please send latkes.
I will re-imburse for postage.