02 December 2006

Cashing In and Checking Out

I am the first to admit to being a little weird. I am very anal about many things (no jokes please) including accuracy.

One of the most annoying things in the world is the problem with accuracy at the check out in grocers and retailers.

When we go to the grocers, we take a list -- as many people do. Onto that list we write the posted price of every single thing we want to purchase -- which, apparently, no one else in the world does but me.

Why? In large part because of newspaper articles like this.

Although the mistakes we catch are very few, and generally far between, we have at times been overcharged up to $10 in combined errors -- in one shopping excursion! With our average weekly grocery bill around $100, that's an error of 10%. Luckily, I compare the receipt to my list before we leave, and make sure to have all errors corrected.

When we go to other retailers, I double check the receipt before we leave. Usually, there are no problems; but I will keep checking, and newspaper articles like that are why.

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