27 February 2006

Not Just Black and White

As a journalist, I am particularly proud of this -- even though I had nothing to do with it.

Journalism is a recording of what is happening now, in all its glory or ugliness. I was not an active journalist in the 1950s or 1960s (I got started in the late 1970s); but if I had been, I hope I would have had the courage to stand and record what was going on with the Civil Rights Movement -- like these brave people did.

And now, all these years later, the reality of that world is being revealed to whole new generations who (like me) just cannot really understand how there was a time in this country when black people had to drink from water fountains marked "Colored."

It is ironic that this should come out just days after we watched the fantastic 2005 film (and Oscar nominee) "Crash." It is truly one of the best American films made in many years and one that (I hope) all people in this country will flock to see. While I do not necessarily agree with what the film says about people (I guess I will always hope that people are better than this) I do stand in awe and respect of the accomplishment.


Jill in Denver, Colorado said...

What the heck is "Brownian Motion"?
And why did my science teacher think it was so important?
(I was sick that day.)

Sgt. Stealthy said...

Why isn't Woody Allen funny anymore?
And whatever happened to his unbearably unfunny action-figure sidekick Tony Roberts?