10 February 2006

Just Ask Christopher

Do you have a question you need answered? Maybe I can answer it.

Click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of this entry and leave your question. Questions can be of any kind: factual, advice, opinions, etc. EACH question asked will be addressed -- even if I cannot answer it. I would love to know where you are writing from (city -- and country if not America).


kris said...

Hi Christopher! I was reading Jeffrey Steingarten's book "It Must've Been Something I Ate" the other day and he mentions going fishing for bluefin tuna. At one point, he describes how the fishermen cut up the fish and put it in cold water to cool it down because "tuna are warm-blooded." But I thought all fish were cold-blooded? Is my high school biology textbook out-of-date? - Kris, Sydney, Australia

joyolivia said...

Although I don't work for a university, I do work on a college campus for a nonprofit that rents space from the institution. As such, I'm able to take advantage of some of the many great events sponsored by the university. After attending a very heady lecture today at lunch, I was curious who you would consider easy to understand academics in typically difficult areas? (Specifically, I would be curious who you see as academics who can actually distill complicated topics in a way that even someone completely new to an area of study can understand them.) -- Joy, Indiana

Anonymous said...

The quist, apparently hastened by flack tones, rolled twice. Summer strums take their toll. Whatever shall I do?