17 February 2006

Into Africa

Just back from the wilds of Africa -- in Arizona. The S.O. (significant other) and I spent a couple days touring the Verde Valley in Arizona's north country. We did the Verde Canyon Railroad, a night at the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel in the one-time mining town, then capped it with a marvelous walk around Out of Africa.

Wow! What a great place! There are two parts to the sprawling complex: The Serengeti, and the wildlife preserve.

As you can see by the picture, the animals of the Serengeti got right up to the truck in which we rode. I came home with giraffe spit on my forehead! (I got licked. Animals love me.)

As for the preserve, you can either take the baby way out and ride the tram; or be a man and walk it (like we did). There are hyena, tigers, black bear, wolves, lions, a panther, jaguar, javelinas and many other animals to see.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship at all with Out of Africa.

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