04 March 2006

Where's Woody?

Sgt. Stealthy asked two related questions: Why isn't Woody Allen funny anymore? And whatever happened to his unbearably unfunny action-figure sidekick Tony Roberts?

Thank you for the questions, Sarge. As to the first one, I am afraid Woody Allen was never funny. Any perception to the contrary must be related to something in the water, or perhaps a bad batch of Raisinettes.

As for Mr. Roberts, he is still active -- appearing in two films in 2005 -- and is still as unfunny as ever.


Anonymous said...

Woody Allen is a good filmmaker damnit! Match Point was pretty well made, check it.

Anonymous said...

"Annie Hall" was on TCM recently and I laughed out loud--especially the "lobsters" sequence-- one man's meat is another man's poison, yes?

F.P. from P.C.H.1 said...

What makes you laugh, Christopher?