08 March 2016

Cancer Update - The Chemo Sphere

Just home from my first day of chemo. So far, not feeling any different at all despite having five new drugs in me. (Five!) Had a great chicken teriyaki lunch in advance, then an hour at the doctor’s. Here are some photographs from today’s excitement!
Matt needed to get fortified for the excitement.
Hooked up and ready for lift off!

Some of the tools of the trade.

First treatment all done!
Look at the swag I got! Like being nominated for an Oscar!


Kris said...

Hi Christopher! I'm glad it's going well so far. My cousin has actually just blogged about her first chemo session as well. I thought I'd introduce you. :)

Her name is Kim and she lives in Michigan. Her blog is here: http://justacogitating.blogspot.com/

Christopher said...

Thank you for sharing!