25 March 2016

Chemo Update: Food for Thought

Chemo fucks with your body. After only three treatments, things have started to change. I’m retaining water and bloating, and I have these small tremors in my hands. I’ve also pretty much lost my sense of taste. Everything tastes like cardboard: crunchy cardboard, soft cardboard, occasionally tart cardboard. It’s the oddest thing to pop a piece of chocolate in my mouth and not be able to tell if it’s chocolate or a piece of potato. Apparently, it’ll come back once the chemo stops, but right now, nothing. The first time I noticed it, I had tried a spoonful of yogurt. I couldn’t taste “yogurt,” so I told Matt it had gone bad. He tried it and said it was fine. Now, I pick food based on the consistency (crunchy, soft, etc.) rather than the taste. Perhaps it’ll be a good thing to help me keep off the weight that the steroid is making me gain (water retention). Amazing the amount of comfort we find in food that’s missing when we can’t taste it.

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Kris said...

That really sucks. :(