25 February 2016

Cancer Update

Visited my blood-cancer doctor today. He told me a recent blood test showed my myeloma may not be as advanced as previously thought. It’s still there and still bad, but rather than being in the third stage, the doctor thinks I might be borderline between stage two and three -- which is a good thing. He offered me the choice of delaying treatment to wait and see how the disease progressed. I told him that, while I don’t want to be “aggressive” in my treatment, I do want to be “pro-active” and see if we can control it even if it isn’t so far developed. He said that was exactly what he would recommend. So now, it could be only a few months chemo (rather than the original plan of four or five months), remission, followed by waiting to see how well I continue to do rather than just going for the stem-cell transplant.

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