25 January 2016

The Complete is Complete

Whew! Finally, a new year and a new collection of my novels. In this case, all five of the James Murray Mysteries in one place! Yeah!

As you probably remember, James Murray is a young man with a dream -- to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett. He pens his first novel while working as a clerk at a swank downtown department store. He writes his second while working at a famous movie studio turning his first novel into a screenplay. His third novel chronicles his adventures trying to find a kidnapped scientist. His fourth novel details his efforts to help a baseball player find the source of several blackmail threats. In the fifth and concluding novel, James faces the most dangerous threat of all: the ghost of a young woman who died in mysterious circumstances. 

Now, for the first time, you can read all five James Murray Mysteries in one place: Murder at Eastern Columbia which takes place in the downtown Los Angeles of 1931, Sabotage at RKO Studio set in 1933 Hollywood, Abduction at Griffith Observatory which takes place in 1935, Blackmail at Wrigley Field set in 1937, and Haunting at Ocean House set in 1939. 

Each of these novels is unlike any other book you've read: Not single novels, they are each two parallel novels, featuring two heroes, working two mysteries in two different versions of 1930s Los Angeles. Join James and his hard-boiled alter ego -- neither a private detective nor a police officer: just someone "who wants to help" -- as they each try to solve the mystery. 

Along the way, you will encounter a rich cast of characters and visit countless Southern California locations. 

Come along for the ride in these five complete novels about Los Angeles in the 1930s!

[See the link to the book in the list to the right on this page.] 

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