26 January 2016

Cancer Update Number One

Well, it appears I’m special. I was diagnosed with amyloidosis (a bad bone-marrow cancer) after my kidney biopsy in November. My blood-cancer doctor thinks it might instead be myeloma (a not-so-bad bone-marrow cancer) based on my lack of other symptoms. Met with my doctor today. He reviewed the results from the myriad additional tests he’d had me take in an effort to answer the eternal question: which cancer is it? The results are inconclusive and weird -- so much so that he’s going to present my case to a cancer board this week to get their input. After that interesting conversation, I had a bone marrow biopsy. In case you’re wondering, yes it hurts like shit. Really.


Robyn Ferracane said...

You will be in my prayers my friend!

Bradley Gebhart said...

Well. That is sucky news.