14 January 2016

One year ago today, in a galaxy not terribly far away...

Christopher’s health is missing! Last year at this time, the evil forces of the Empire forced our hero into the hospital to have a genetic heart defect repaired and a bionic heart valve inserted. With renewed strength and vigor, he returned to help the Resistance, a new man.

However, the treacherous First Order of Cancer had other plans, using nano-droids to infect our hero with a deadly bone-marrow cancer. Now undergoing testing to confirm the cancer diagnosis, our hero must contend with a severe sinus infection that blew out his eardrum, and the “check engine” light coming on in his X-Wing fighter just as he was off to fight the forces of the dark side.

General Leia Organa has sent in her most daring pilot, Poe Levofloxacin, to stem the ear infection, while her trusty droids fixed the X-Wing fighter -- at a cost to the Federation of $800+ space credits.

During his time away from the galactic battle, our hero has been able to reflect that this past year ain’t been so bad: the last two novels in The James Murray Mysteries series were published and his first (and so far, only) audio book was released. He and his spouse, Matt, are still together 21 years later and they just had their vine-covered cottage on Tatooine painted.

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