23 January 2015

You Can Find Anything on the Internet

I’m at home now, recovering from open heart surgery. I know, it’s weird to write those words. It’s even weirder to be able to watch a video of a procedure similar to mine which you can see here. Although the surgery lasts about four hours, this video runs just under an hour. 

Highlights are: the sternum being opened (03:28), connecting the heart to the heart/lung machine (13:55), cooling the heart to stop it from beating (15:50), exposing the scarred septum tissue that will be cut away (19:05) and showing the section of scar that was removed (28:30). The rest of the video shows how they corrected the size of the mitral valve, which was not done in my case (my valve was partly replaced by a synthetic valve), closing after surgery, and restarting the heart (44:05).

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